Our Packages

Cryo Facial

$499 (5 sessions)
$120 (Single Session)

Produce an anti-aging effect and can help client maintain a youthful appearance by targeting wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes and scars. Rejuvenates skin, production of collagen. Takes 30 secs. to 2 mins

Targeted Cryo

$499 (5 sessions)
$150 (Single Session)

Speed up healing process for post-operational surgeries, decreases inflammation, increases circulation and mobility in joints.


Cryo Slimming

$1,399 (5 sessions)
$1,899 (8 sessions)
$2,499 (10 sessions)

Permanently destroying underlying fat cells (apoptosis) which are then digested by the body’s waste management without damaging other tissues.

*Packages are non-refundable and non-interchangeable between different ones.

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