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Effective Cryotherapy Treatment

One of the main benefits of cryotherapy is its ability to reduce inflammation throughout the body. Cryotherapy has also been shown to boost the immune system, increase energy levels, and improve mood. Additionally, it can help with pain management, promote weight loss, and even improve athletic performance.

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Introducing the Best Targeted Cryotherapy

My Cryo Health uses the latest technology that represents the next generation of holistic wellness for athletic recovery, pain relief/injury, and beauty.

What Is Cryotherapy?
Cryotherapy is the use of extreme cold for medical treatment. The use of cold dates back as early as 2500 BC when the Egyptians used it to treat injuries and inflammation. In Europe and Asia, the practice of using cryotherapy to promote athletic recovery and enhance performance began decades ago.

The Latest Tech
My Cryo Health uses the latest technology that represents the next generation of cryotherapy. Our cryotherapy system is manufactured in the U.S.A. We combine leading-edge technology with innovative design to deliver unmatched safety, comfort, and reliability.

Our Services

Mycryohealth services are intended to make guests feel better, look better, and push them towards their health and beauty goals.

Our CryoSlim Services

A CryoSlim session usually takes 6–8 minutes, where most clients see an immediate “inch loss” from the skin tightening, and can continue for up to 6 months.

Our Cryo Facial Services

Cryo-Facials produce an antiaging effect and can help users maintain a youthful appearance by targeting wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, and scars around the eyes, nose, mouth, and neck.

Cryo Skin Condition Treatments

Many people suffer from chronic skin conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

Targeted Cryotherapy

Unlike the Whole-Body Cryochambers, we’re able to target the specific areas to be treated.

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